Our highly skilled teams of programmers and graphics designers are more than able to bring our client’s imagination into reality by designing from scratch through to development, a professional website (s) to meet their personal or organizational needs.

Three (3) Types of Websites exist namely Static, Dynamic and Active Websites.


These three types of Websites can be further implemented in the following stereotypes:-



The web is primarily used for communication and information search, but many companies have now set up shops on line. As i Click Systems & IT Consultancy we continue to study, evaluate and implement ideal electronic commerce websites with handy and secure money payment systems that users will find easy to use with less worry.

• Advertisement and Marketing


With this site, a business is able to run cost effective marketing and advertisement campaigns. These sites are designed in such a way that users find a wide range of information on items that our client’s firm deals in with from products to services. It is these sites that unique marketing skills are implored so as to give our clients a unique business solution.

• Company Sites


These are far more important and they range from the very small to the very large and can be a non-profit or for profit business. Company websites have pages of information on the business, its services and clients. These sites are usually “static”. In other words, they don’t change much or very often. These are more like “On line Brochures”. However with our versatile and creative staff, we have shifted to developing “Fusion” sites. These are sites that embed interactions with users and the website itself. These are sites that are now becoming popular and lots of our clientèle is shifting to this type as they even contain more features that help lock users and visitors to your site for the information they are looking for.

• Social Networking


iClick Systems & IT Consultancy shares with clients , information on how this has to be achieved.  These websites can be classified as Web 2.0 sites but their sheer number and popular demands we have a separate category. These sites are an array of utilities and features with more being added each day. Examples of such sites include College alumni, Dating Websites, among others. [Web 2.0 website is an amorphous concept and primarily encompasses websites that offer a particular service.]

• Personal Websites


These sites can contain any kind of information and are usually administered by a single individual who can choose whatever content they would like to put on the Internet.

• Informative


These are types of websites which are dedicated to the purpose of providing information –whether free of paid. These are further looked at as News portals because of their wider scope on news related issues. These sites can contain updated time tables, TV guides, reference material, sports data, weather and stock data.

• Blogs & On line Diaries


Blogs are like on line diaries (though they allow you to keep your hard copy diary under lock –and-key, you want more and more visitors to read on line one). We at i Click Systems & IT Consultancy also provide our clients with tools to help them easily putt their thoughts on line in a matter of minutes and even earn from it.

• Forums


These types of websites serve as platforms and promote interactions amongst the users. Unless specifically blocked and requiring a special invitation, one can join any forum. The forums we do as iClick Systems are meant to cater to a specific industry or a field. Forums run on Teachers, Scientists, Banking and Finance, Biotechnology, Political Parties and more. A lot of valuable information and knowledge exists in on line forums and we as iClick Systems urge clients actively participate in any on line forum that is in line with your field.

• File Sharing


As Internet speeds have increased and more and more people are using broadband connections, the importance of file sharing types of websites is now growing rapidly. These sites are designed in such a way that our clients are allowed to share images, music (even albums), Word and pdf documents as well as videos.

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