Having described to us on what kind of software you would like to purchase off the shelves of Bigger Software companies like Microsoft, Linux, IBM, CISCO, Pastel, among many, we are more than available to provide our reliable service to you in helping you or your organization acquire the applications of your choice.

With many fraudsters and malicious people around both in physical and also via the internet, we at iClick Systems & IT Consultancy  wish to render ultimate support in:-

• Security on your purchases from abroad                       by ensuring that you are making an honest purchase from a          trustworthy supplier

• Aiding you to ensure that  actual requirements that you or your organization needs are what the Software product claims to provide

• Accurate and honest negotiations to help you get the product at a favorable price and

• The prompt purchase of product

We on your behalf follow up suppliers on your shipment if you have ordered for an international delivery to your location in Zambia or Southern Africa.



Under this, we at iClick Systems & IT Consultancy engage a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the design, development, operation and maintenance of software.

We liaise with our different clients and we go through this process with them so as to ensure that we develop a software package that will fully be accepted by them. We use different tools such as CASE tools and other Object Oriented Approaches so as to help in achieving the goal within a short period of time.

We provide technical support as well as

consultancy to our clients who are

engaging this project



There are many times that software

(applications) on office computers,

computers at home or those in a research

 laboratory tend to fail to give us the

 desired results. This on a large scale is

caused by software getting corrupt and it giving erroneous results. Sometimes the PC tends to be irritatingly slow to boot or process simple tasks such as word processing, weird and foreign programs or files are seen on storage media, viral infections, worms spreading, suspicious programs running on your computer among many other strange and unpleasant messages and observation you might have made on your computer software.

Our task is to :-


--Find the cause of the trouble your computer software is facing

--Fixing the errors diagnosed

-- Improve the overall performance of your Computer

-- Enhance the Health and Security status of your PC from Viral Infections and Worms

--Provide Tips to you or your organization on how to keep the computer in shape to avoid having troubled times due to corrupt software

Other Services on offer include: -

--Professional and technical guide through installation of various Software (Applications) for different Hardware and Equipment you have

--Software Training

--Hardware  Repairs

On Site Repairs and ICT Training


Supply , Installation and Licensing for Kaspersky Anti Virus

With ON-Site Computer Repair in Kitwe, Lusaka, Ndola, Chingola, Mufulira, Chililabombwe, Luanshya, Mansa, Solwezi, Mpongwe , Kapiri Mposhi and more. We'll come to your location and resolve your computer/ network issues or questions. We also provide On Site Training on different aspects of ICT your organization might be interested in.

We also provide IT Support to upcoming firms and organizations.

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