Our quest in Systems Analysis, Design , Development and Maintenance delves into Organizational (Business and Operations inclusive) as well as Security Systems



These are systems that provide a channel on how information is processed in your organization setup. As we all know, organizational setups vary from company to company, institution to institution. It is our exciting task to study your organizational setup, provide a preliminary analysis of what your organization wishes to have and then have it designed and developed. After development and launching, the system enters a maintenance phase which allows our valued customers to assess the system based on what was earlier required by them. Our development of All Systems is done with our client’s full involvement to ensure that the project is successful.

SYSTEMS developed under this can be Management Information Systems and Transaction Processing Systems. These solutions fit any organizational setup that our clients may be found in.



Security is major concern to many organizations across the globe. All systems existing in any organization, non-computer based and computer based require security from within and outside the confines of the systems.


We install CCTV,  Security Alarms and Fire Alarms in varied locations and buildings.


We create ideal and custom-targeted security systems with the implementation of Computer Technology. These systems provided comply with ZICTA , ITU ,IEEE and W3C.




We at iClick Systems & IT Consultancy allow clients to make direct purchases of some of our open systems. However, even after purchasing the already made projects (systems), we provide support for purposes of modification of the system to easily fit in the client’s environment.

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