On Site Repairs and ICT Training


With ON-Site Computer Repair in Kitwe, Lusaka, Ndola, Chingola, Mufulira, Chililabombwe, Luanshya, Mansa, Solwezi, Mpongwe , Kapiri Mposhi and more. We'll come to your location and resolve your computer/ network issues or questions. We also provide On Site Training on different aspects of ICT your organization might be interested in.


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Professional Websites, Desktop and Mobile Phone based On line Sytems


Work with the best team for all your ICT related tasks in the most versatile and result bringing on line information systems and applications. Our systems add real value to your business operations hence satisfying you with what you really need.




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Empower Decision Makers with Accurate, Timely Information


Discover how you can leverage iClick's  solutions to create more professional reports; monitor business performance in real time; and bring together reports, dashboards, and data exploration quickly and securely





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ACTIVE TOUCH: The ideal ICT tool introduced


iClick Systems  in partnership with Zambian Teachers Forum has introduced a new ICT tool on the market meant to help train teachers learn, understand and implement Information and Communication Technology in schools. Active Touch is an interactive , multimedia computer application that teachers oneself on how to effectively and efficiently use a Personal Computer and related core applications. The computer software is tailored to fit Zambia's school curriculum under ICT subject.




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